About Us

Orison Foods & Beverages have two sub divisions , Orison Aqua Processing which is the leading manufacturer and distributor of packaged drinking water and carbonated beverages and Orison Agro involves in manufacturing and distribution of Fruit Juices and Fruit Pulps. We have delicious variety of fruit juices like Mango, Guava, Apple, Lichie that all comply with Health & Food Safety Regulations, so caterers can rest assure they are making the right choice and a healthy choice when it comes to our products. Our drinks are available at all leading wholesalers.
Central to our business belief is to create products that look and particularly taste better than those of our competitors. With that central core value in mind I have assembled a team of experts in developing and producing delicious products. This is where some great ideas turn into reality!

As a company we want to make the world a better place than it was before we started, so we are very keen to continually challenge and improve our environmental credentials, we work closely with our community and support many local charities (as well as national), and we are an important employer in this rural part of the country.

Quality Checks

Our Quality Department always been in a keen interest to maintain the products to achieve the best grade in all quality aspects. In order to achieve the same , We use several processes which aims to guarantee the highest safety standards.

For packaged drinking water and ensure a taste that is in accordance with consumer preference. Water is carefully collected and received through stainless steel pipes from natural open well where the gathering of water is done by rain water harvesting. Quality testing of the original source is conducted regularly to monitor for abnormalities through different stages of filtration. Unwanted minerals are removed through reverse osmosis. Water received in storage tanks is monitored on a daily basis. Food grade micro-filtration removes particles as small as 0.2 microns. It is also capable of removing potential microbiological contaminants. This is monitored on an hourly basis. Ultra-violet filtration provides additional product disinfection. This is monitored on an hourly basis. Ozone disinfection is the third disinfection step, using a highly reactive form of oxygen. This is monitored on an hourly basis.
The filling room is highly sanitary to ensure bottling is conducted in a micro biologically controlled environment. It is continuously monitored and controlled. Packaging quality assurance is conducted by human inspection and the latest in modern equipment designed to ensure the removal of any packaging defects. Line sanitation includes automated cleaning equipment to ensure maximum cleanliness, effectiveness and control.

For juice products, We prepare it from the high quality Mango pulps from Alphonso and Thotapuri. The pulps are tested by the lab experts in our own hi-tech laboratories. The plant is full automated and there is no human hands involved in any process. The plant is equipped with advanced CIP systems that the whole machines, pipes , instruments are disinfected with in minutes. We make use highly advanced pasteurization, homogenization during the production of every juice and are as per standards. The bottles used are tested for quality to ensure that it follows the terms and standards suggested by the FCAI.

Bottling & Packaging

At Orison, we know how important packaging and distribution is in finding the perfect retail solution. That’s why our extensive range of packaging formats and distribution services ensure we complement and add value to your existing operations.

For packaged drinking water, our packaging formats include:

  • 300 ml, 500 ml pet Bottles
  • 1 litre, 2 litre Bottles
  • 20 litre Bubble top Jars

For Xtra Club Soda, our packaging formats include:

  • 500 ml, 650 ml pet Bottles
  • 1 litre Bottles
  • 1.5 litre Bottles
  • 2 litre Bottles

Fruit Juices are available in:

  • 200 ml, 500 ml Pet Bottles
  • 1 litre Bottles

Fruit pulps are available in:

  • Alphonso Mango Pulp – 3.1 Kg Tin
  • Totapuri Mango Pulp – 3.1 Kg Tin
  • Guava Pulp – 210 Kg Barrel